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Before getting to know the Rank Math plugin, I used Yoast SEO to help my website optimize search engines and keywords.

Although I always know that it is the #1 plugin for WordPress SEO(I think this ranking was before Rank Math appeared, and now Rank Math has seriously threatened the standing of Yoast SEO).
I still won’t reluctantly upgrade to the Premium version to get the full functionality of Yoast SEO.

But now Rank Math is here; it’s a game-changer.

Some of the features are very basic, but Yoast SEO needs me paid for before including Redirect manager, 24/7 support.

And, Rank Math is free!

Rank Math features:

Easy to follow Setup Wizard

When we install new plugins, we are most afraid of looking at a bunch of long PDF guide files; Or there is no guide at all, so we need to go online to research other people’s blogs.
But after seeing many directions, you still do not understand how to do that.

No worries, Rank Math already thinks it for you.
Just follow the Setup Wizard; it will even help you import the settings of other installed SEO plugins; you don’t need to adjust it again.

Clean & Simple User Interface

Screen Shot 0002 05 26 at 15.01.59

I like their instant and straightforward interface.

You can see what is missing or wrong at a glance, and the results will be immediately visible after improvement.

Collecting all the green ticks has become my most exciting job every day.

Contextual Help (tooltips, notices, help tabs, etc.)

Let me mention Pillar Content, and I very recommend this tool.

What is Pillar Content?

Pillar content is the content on your website that can provide the most valuable and complete answer to users and keep your site ranked highly in the search engines.

How Vital is Pillar Content?

I used to make a mistake that many novice marketers will make: amount better than quality, divided a post into several posts to published.

Yeah, this looks great in the short term!

Your site seems to have many keywords for one topic, and many posts describe it.

But this has a severe consequence; a single post is a too tedious or little information; viewers won’t stay long enough, resulting in higher bounce rates.

Hi, do you remember that you created a blog to build your brand value, not provide a content farm to everyone?

All target customers will be lost if this continues, and your site’s search ranking will decline.

Screen Shot 0002 05 26 at 15.03.52
Screen Shot 0002 05 14 at 13.38.05

Pillar Content is those the best posts that you will recommend to new visitors, and the posts will still be useful to readers for a long time after the initial publication.

The post’s content which ticked the Pillar Content is best to provide significant knowledge to anyone in your niche market.

If done right, it may also be valuable to the target customers in the foreseeable future without losing relevance and always get a higher ranking.

Automated Image SEO

Image SEO is a powerful but often overlooked technique to generate traffic. Rank Math puts image SEO on autopilot by automatically adding ALT and Title attributes to all your images. Rank Math doesn’t even change your posts to achieve this. Instead, the tags are added on the fly when the user views the post.

(All You Need To Know About Rank Math For SEO, 2020)
Screen Shot 0001 12 01 at 18.04.39

Before Rank Math, I usually manually added the alt attribute to each image.

If a post is rich in content, there are dozens of images, often the post has been published for a long time, but its images have not yet completed the alt attribute.

XML Sitemap

An XML file that lists the URL of the site makes web admins include additional information about each URL:

  • The time of the last update.
  • How often does it change?
  • How important it is relative to other URLs on the site.

This allows search engines to crawl the site more efficiently and to find URLs that may be isolated from the rest of the site’s content. The Sitemaps protocol is a URL inclusion protocol and complements robots.txt, a URL exclusion protocol.

(Sitemap html – OpenCart Migration – All You Need to Know, n.d.)

All in all, the Sitemap is a file for search engines to find.

Rank Math generates search engine compatible XML Sitemaps for your website automatically. In addition, sitemaps are fully customizable, and you can set what gets included and what doesn’t.

What features does Rank Math have over Yoast SEO?

Rank Math has detailed a table on its website that compares Yoast SEO and SEO Press.

Screen Shot 0002 12 05 at 19.14.14

How many ratings did Rating Math get?

4.9 based on 2062 real user reviews.

Screen Shot 0002 12 06 at 21.12.19

Let’s randomly pick a few user comments:

Screen Shot 0002 12 06 at 21.13.15
Screen Shot 0002 12 06 at 21.21.33
Screen Shot 0002 12 06 at 21.14.46
Screen Shot 0001 11 28 at 18.27.55

Even more, I saw Ryan Robinson’s comment on Rank Math.

Screen Shot 0001 11 29 at 17.54.23

If you want to ask me, who is Ryan Robinson?

Well, he is the leader in this field,

If you want to start a blog and develop a sideline, you should not know who he is.

Let’s click here to be familiar with him.

How to install Rank Math?

I will use images and text to share the steps to install Rank Math and the setup suggestions I use.

If you have Yoast SEO or All in One SEO installed, remember not to delete them first, we can import their data into Rank Math during the installation process.

Install and activate Rank Math

As always, go to the Install Plugin page of the WordPress console to download and install the Rank Math plugin and activate it.

Screen Shot 0001 11 28 at 18.32.15

Register for a free account and login

If you don’t have a Rank Math account, I suggest you apply for one to use Rank Math’s full functionality.

Screen Shot 0001 11 28 at 18.33.42
Screen Shot 0001 11 28 at 18.38.43

Come back⬇️ and fill in the username and password you got from the email.

Screen Shot 0001 11 28 at 18.38.43 2
Screen Shot 0001 11 28 at 18.39.07

Import other SEO plugin setting data

screenshot 4

Website type

Select your website type and upload your website’s logo.

Screen Shot 0001 11 28 at 18.39.38

Connect to Google Search Console

Click “Get Authorization Code” to get Google’s authorization code, and select your website in the “Search Console Profile.”

Screen Shot 0002 05 26 at 16.27.49
Screen Shot 0002 05 26 at 16.30.38

If there is no website in the “Search Console Profile” drop-down menu, please follow the step to come here:

Screen Shot 0001 11 28 at 18.45.11

And click the Search Console Verification Page to connect with Google Search Console.

Screen Shot 0001 11 28 at 18.45.17

After verification, let us continue to the boot steps.

Sitemap settings

Screen Shot 0001 11 28 at 18.45.44

I recommend enabling the Sitemap feature and letting Rank Math automatically submit your Sitemap for Google to index your site.

If you want images on your site to be indexed to help increase CTR, remember to turn on “Include Images.” Whether posts and pages are indexed depends on the type of your site.

Indexed items are not as many as possible.

A large number of indexes may increase the chances of exposure and clicks, but if the indexed pages lack content, it will only increase the bounce rate and lower the website’s ranking.

SEO tweaks

Screen Shot 0001 11 28 at 18.49.47

This page allows you to adjust the settings of the website that will affect SEO.
If you are not sure how to set it, use the default.

Now, If you are in Here, the Setup Wizard is almost complete.

Screen Shot 0001 11 28 at 18.52.02

But, it had several Advanced options settings if you needed them.

Advanced options setting

Screen Shot 0001 11 28 at 18.52.54
Screen Shot 0001 11 28 at 18.55.19

After completing the installation of Rank Math,
you should find that Yoast SEO has been automatically inactive, and since we imported the previous settings from Yoast SEO, your site should work as before.


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