Links are not only clickable objects, they can lead us from one website page to another(Internal links) or from one website to another(External links), but they are also a powerful tool for the website ranking on Google.

They can appear in three different forms such as text, images, or buttons.

Internal links – will direct users from a page in the domain to a new page in the same domain or subdomain.

External links – will point to any domain other than the domain where the link is located.
Also called inbound links. 

Namely, if your content contains a link to another website, this is also a type of external link.
Open external links in a new tab, allowing users to move from your posts to the other websites/contents without leaving your website.

  • Top SEOs accept as true that external links are the most crucial source of affecting website ranking.
  • External links pass link equity (ranking power) differently from internal links because search engines consider them third-party votes.
  • Top SEOs do not believe that the “title” link attribute is used for ranking purposes.

External links have many advantages associated with them.
For a new face, if you link to other websites on your post, the owner may return your favor in the future; this helps websites share visitors.
Although you may think this will hurt your website, reaching new visitors far outweighs the risks.

The main takeaway is that external links are an essential supplement to any article or page.
However, you don’t want visitors to leave your website.
You can avoid this when opening external links in a new tab or window.

How to open it?

1. Open In the Gutenberg Editor

Open Custom links In A New Tab (external links) With Gutenberg Editor

2. Open In WordPress Navigation

When creating a WordPress menu, you can add a custom link to an external web page in the menu item.

You can change the target of this link to open it in a new browser tab.
To do this, you need to check an option under the menu items (Navigation label), and the name is “Open link in a new tab,” as shown in the following screenshot:

Open Custom links In A New Tab (external links) With WordPress Menu

If this option is not visible, it means that it is not enabled in the screen options. Follow the steps to activate this option:

Screen Shot 0002 07 02 at 13.14.51

This will open up the “Open Link in New Tab” option.

Screen Shot 0002 07 02 at 13.15.19


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