After selecting SiteGround’s hosting plan.

If not, go to

Will come to

Step 2: Fill in the domain name you want.

registerDomain 2

Now top-level domain doesn’t have to be .com.

However, because it was developed earliest, most people thought that the website ending in .com felt more credible.
So I’d like to recommend that if there is an end of .com that can register it, try to register with it first!

But it doesn’t rule out that some people like the names that match the property of the official website.

For example, my site is a blog attribute
Maybe I’ll consider:

Yes, I did consider it.

But this is also one thing I want to remind you of.

registerDomain 3

Do you see that?

The preferential price is only available for the first year,
Next, it costs me USD 39.95 per year.

Um… This price spread, if you are not careful, will let the website maintenance cost increase.

So when you register for a domain, be careful to keep your eyes open.

Step 3: Fill in the real information.

registerDomain 4

This real information will also be sent to the ICANN & Domain Name Registrar, and the level of detail required will be based on the regulations of ICANN & each Domain Name Registrar.

But no matter which Domain registrar you are registered is, there are several data are the most common:

  1. The registrant’s name.
    Even if you register for use in an organizational unit, you must give a name to register; as for the name, not a natural person (for example, to change the name of the organization), it depends on the purpose of your registration.
  2. Postal code and address.
  3. Contact number.
  4. Contact with email.

Some Domain registrars will also need to verify the correctness of specific data and require identification documentation from the registrant;

In the case of disputes over domain name registration, the authenticity and validity of the registration data often significantly impact the judgment; I strongly recommend that registration be filled in the real data.

After all, the person/company that owns the domain name will have information disclosed on WHOIS.
There are also many cases in which the competitors in business will report your use of fake information.
If you can’t prove the identification, you will be disqualified from having the domain name.

When you work hard to run a brand (website), do you want to come to nothing just because of this little thing?


Q: What is the WHOIS?

WHOIS is a service that provides public access to the domain name owner’s registration information.

Anyone who knows how to use the WHOIS service can use the WHOIS service to query the registration information filled in by the domain name owner when registering.

Q: What if I’m a person who is registered under my name and more concerned with privacy?

Don’t worry too much,
domain name registration service providers,
provide domain name registration data protection services that allow you to hide your real registration data when the public was querying WHOIS data and replace it with the substitute data provided by the service provider.

Conversely, if you register as a company/group/organization or register a domain name for future sales, you will not hide the registration information and list the appropriate contact information.

It should be noted that not every domain registrar allows you to hide the registration information of the domain name owner.

After registering the domain name, you can hide how much registration data and how much data can be hidden, it will be given the prompt during the registration process, and this requires you to pay more attention when registering your domain name.

When your registered TLD does not allow you to hide your registration information, you will not be able to activate or purchase the service even if the service provider you choose provides registration data protection services.

Finally, we come to this part of the payment!

In the last part, be sure to notice where the red lines are framed.

registerDomain 5

If the budget for hosting is enough, how long can you buy it? Buy it!

Because the discount price is only once, the next renewal will go back to the original price.
I bought it for three years at a time.

registerDomain 6

If the account is successfully created, please go to the mailbox to receive the email.
You can see that I have the ICANN & Tucows data verified emails that need to be processed.

registerDomain 7

One of your emails is not necessarily from Tucows, depending on which domain registrar you are.

But ICANN’s full name is Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

A non-profit international organization that brings together experts from the global cyber world in business, technology, and academia to coordinate the Internet’s unique identifier system and secure and stable operations.
Including spatial allocation of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, assignment of protocol identifiers, The management of Generic top-level domain (gTLD), and Country-code top-level domain (ccTLD) systems, as well as the management of root name server systems.

So you will also receive the mail that ICANN sent you via SiteGround.

In fact, it is to confirm to you again that the information you just filled in is correct?
Please press the button to confirm.
Like the one sent to me by Tucows👇

registerDomain 8

That’s it!
Simple and easy to do; just remember not to fill in fake information.

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